Who we are

Our history

In  January 2005 there was raging hurricane in Sweden. It devastated tremendous forest areas that needed to be restored. Our desire to help replant these forests was the reason why SKOGRAN was established.

During the seasonal peak time over 200 employees work in our company.
We are guided by the principles of transparency, so we joined the initiative "Clare Wave".


Our values and goals

MISSION – to provide services to forestry and energy sectors, maintaining high business ethics, quality and cultural standards.
VISION – to become an example of responsible business and sustainable growth in forestry and energy sectors in Europe.
Improvement - the engine of human life!
Drive - the fuel for this engine!
Sociability - the secret of happiness!
Social responsibility - it feels good to help others!
Respect and trust - it is great to be appreciated!

Why choose us?

Because we are:



CROSSING THE LINES in a good way.

We are just NON-STANDARD.