What we do


BEST PLANTER - our forestry services brand name, which has earned us international recognition.

Our qualified team performs forest planting, brush cutting and cone collecting works in Sweden, Finland and Norway.

The works complies with worldwide forest certification standards (PEFC).

More information www.bestplanter.eu.


Since 2010, we provide electricity net services for Lithuania's transmission and distribution grid operators. We are proud of our high quality work that gains us customers' trust. As the company is expanding, we are taking the first successful steps to this market in Norway.


Project Eglutės.lt

Several years in a row, during winter time, our company implements project Eglutes.lt  which creates Christmas atmosphere not only at home but also in offices. Real fresh-cut trees, stands and various decorations are delivered directly to your front door.

More information about the project www.eglutes.lt.